Toddlers Without Tiaras

… tales of my threenager

The Bluff Board

We’ve all done it.  Said something we didn’t mean in hopes that we might, even temporarily, gain an ounce of compliance out of our lovely little one.  Now we have a way to unite.  ‘Rents vs. Minions – keeping score on the Bluff Board.





  • Point for Lisa for telling her son “that the snowflake button on the phone is a direct line to Santa, ‘so all we have to do is press the star and Santa knows something naughty is going down!'”  (I’m still LMAO)
  • Swiper the fox
  • The Half Nap
  • Bedtime versus Potty-time
  • My daughter told me I could go and get Swiper.
  • Trying to encourage our daughter to sleep in her own bed instead of sneaking in to our bed each night we asked if we should get rid of her bed (as she is very proud of her bed).  She called our bluff and said “Yes!”  We should have learned from the underwear incident.
  • Who needs underwear?
  • The Bed Swap


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