Toddlers Without Tiaras

… tales of my threenager

Calling My Bluff … The Half Nap

  At first the two images may look very similar. There is a key difference … The upper-image results after a lengthy battle of wills, screaming, kicking, and repeatedly returning Big Sis to her room for a nap. The lower-image results after a short, well-mannered negotiation, and verification of positions in which Mom and Big […]

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Threenager Logic

If you have been following the Tales of my Threenager, you will know that Big Sis loves Naptime and Bedtime. (If you need a refresher visit: Swiper the Fox, I hate naps!, or The Bed Swap) Each day Big Sis and I exchange animated quips pertaining to the merits, necessity, and down-right reality of her pending sleep. She […]

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Never Trust a Toddler

Something wasn’t right. As she walked towards me, tying to entice me with a free makeover, my gut told me to walk away. Clutched in her hand, a hairbrush dripping with water. With a twinkle in her eye she said “I do it ALL BY MYSELF! … I brush your hair!” It is hard to […]

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You’re ruining everything!

A year ago my youngest brother married the love of his life.  While they both looked incredible, the flower girls stole the show (err actually leaf girls, buy you get the picture).  Too cute for words! My niece is 3 years older than my daughter. She took the role very seriously. She  practiced for days […]

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Can I Get a Side of Rice? … Tastefully Decorated Part 2

After my daughter completed her first interior decorating project on my kitchen floor, it was time to discuss the clean up. She told me she was going to pick up all the food she threw on the floor. While I thought this was unlikely, I gave her the benefit of the doubt. To my surprise, […]

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The following details the incident which inspired me to create the blog “Toddlers Without Tiaras.”  I sat beside my little princess, questioning, ‘Will I ever be able to take her out in public again??’  What I witnessed is not unlike that experienced by many of my friends.  Children are funny and these moments are worth […]

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