Toddlers Without Tiaras

… tales of my threenager

8 Signs your Newborn Needs to Learn Self Defence Skills

To all the newborn babies out there – be forewarned – you cannot trust your older siblings.  Speaking from experience (being the eldest of 5), one minute your older sibling will be hugging you and giving you soft kisses (under the watchful eye of loving parents).  The next minute you will need to run for […]

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Anything you can do I can do better

Getting right to the point, my daughter likes to breastfeed.  This is not what you are expecting —  I’m not talking about the baby. I’m talking about the Threenager. She cracks me up. Big Sis loves her little sister.  She likes to talk to her and to hold her.  Sometimes she loves her Little Sis too […]

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