Toddlers Without Tiaras

… tales of my threenager

Calling My Bluff … The Half Nap

  At first the two images may look very similar. There is a key difference … The upper-image results after a lengthy battle of wills, screaming, kicking, and repeatedly returning Big Sis to her room for a nap. The lower-image results after a short, well-mannered negotiation, and verification of positions in which Mom and Big […]

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Calling My Bluff … The Bed Swap

Big Sis is a bed hog. I know I could force her to sleep in her own bed. Unfortunately I am a sucker for her dimple.   One night I tried to outsmart her. (I should have known better. She is too smart for me.) At bedtime I went to her room. I got in […]

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Calling My Bluff … Bedtime versus Potty-Time

As you know, Big Sis is now potty-trained! We are out of diapers, and in to big girl underwear! For those who cannot wait for this stage, just you wait! It is fantastic! Less money spent on diapers and less time spent on laundry! What else could you ask for? However, before you get your […]

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The Extremely Unpopular 12 Month Potty Training Method

Someone once told me – toddlers can control 2 things.  What goes in their bodies, and what comes out of their bodies. The following outlines the extremely unpopular 12 month potty training method.  Why do it in 3 days when you have 365! Month 1. Step 1.  Google 3 day method (as found on Pinterest). […]

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Calling My Bluff … Introduction of Swiper the Fox

Big Sis has never liked cleaning up her toys.  When she was 1 she used to hide at daycare when they would sing the ‘Clean-up Song’.  One evening this winter her Dad came home and asked her to clean-up her toys.  The early signs of the Threenager were showing.  She refused to clean-up her toys […]

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Calling My Bluff … Potty Training Edition

Leading up to my daughter’s 3rd birthday we were in the home stretch of potty training.  We had two weeks of big girl underwear, dry bedtimes and naps, and dry outings.  We just needed to perfect the number 2’s, but the end was in sight. Then, on her 3rd birthday, that she had 8 accidents […]

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Wed, June 25 2014 » Potty Training » 5 Comments

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