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Mommy … I Stuck

This is a short post to share one of my favourite pictures. Three times last week, in the saddest little voice, Lil’ Sis called me from Lil’ Bro’s room. “Mommmmmmy. ….. I stuck. I stuck Mommy.” “Helllllp me Mommmmy. Help me. I stuck.” Every time I found her she had wedged herself behind Lil’Bro’s crib. […]

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No one bite me today mommy!

Tomorrow is the Kindy Celebration at Big Sis’ school. I can hardly believe she has almost finished Junior Kindergarten. Each day I look forward to her return. She still looks so little when she gets off the bus. I love the days Miss J (the wonderful bus driver) tells me that Big Sis fell asleep […]

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… May I have the envelope please

The results are in! I will begin by thanking those who participated in the survey, and those who follow and loyally read the blog. It is refreshing and encouraging to know I am not alone, and that I will survey the toddler years. I would like to thank the readers for nominating their own favourite […]

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Vote for your Favourite: Happy Birthday Toddlers Without Tiaras!

Toddlers Without Tiaras is 1! The first post, Tastefully Decorated, was 1 year ago today. The post which started it all; highlighting the transformation of my adorable little girl, into a food-throwing Threenager. Since then there have been 33 more posts, with 1938 visitors and 3940 views, in 20 countries! Thank you for making Toddlers […]

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Calling My Bluff … The Half Nap

  At first the two images may look very similar. There is a key difference … The upper-image results after a lengthy battle of wills, screaming, kicking, and repeatedly returning Big Sis to her room for a nap. The lower-image results after a short, well-mannered negotiation, and verification of positions in which Mom and Big […]

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Just Happened … Maybe

On the way home from swimming lessons today: Big Sis was asking when Nana would return from her trip (she is in Africa visiting my Lil’ Bro). I told her she would be back soon. “Okay” said Big Sis. Then Big Cuz, the older – wiser – 7-year-old cousin, joined the conversation. From the far […]

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Threenager Logic

If you have been following the Tales of my Threenager, you will know that Big Sis loves Naptime and Bedtime. (If you need a refresher visit: Swiper the Fox, I hate naps!, or The Bed Swap) Each day Big Sis and I exchange animated quips pertaining to the merits, necessity, and down-right reality of her pending sleep. She […]

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The Blessing

As a way to foster language development, we encourage Big Sis to say ‘Grace’ before meals and ‘Prayers’ before bed. I remember the moment of pride the first time she said: For what we are about to receive … Jointly, we would rehearse the following lines. Eventually her confidence and independence grew. If I tried […]

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Chew Toys Don’t Blink

Last week, after returning from a trip up North, the girls and I were in the kitchen enjoying a leisurely breakfast. Their father was in his office on a conference call. The Furry Beasts missed us when we were away, being extreme cuddly and quiet on our return. This only further contributed to my confusion […]

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Calling My Bluff … The Bed Swap

Big Sis is a bed hog. I know I could force her to sleep in her own bed. Unfortunately I am a sucker for her dimple.   One night I tried to outsmart her. (I should have known better. She is too smart for me.) At bedtime I went to her room. I got in […]

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