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No one bite me today mommy!

No one bite me today mommyTomorrow is the Kindy Celebration at Big Sis’ school. I can hardly believe she has almost finished Junior Kindergarten.

Each day I look forward to her return. She still looks so little when she gets off the bus. I love the days Miss J (the wonderful bus driver) tells me that Big Sis fell asleep on the bus. It reminds me how young Big Sis really is.

Once off the bus, I love hearing about her day: what she did, who she played with, and what her teachers said.

I need to share my favourite story. During the first week of school Big Sis came home on the third day and said “Mommy, a girl bite me today.”

Sure enough, in her communication book, the teacher left a very detailed account of what happened and how the situation was addressed. The name of the biter was not disclosed. I was not overly concerned. In a class of 30 three, four, and five year olds, I was not surprised there was a biter. Big Sis was not happy about the incident and told me she did not want to play with the little girl any more.

The next day I asked her how her day was. With a sad voice she said “Mommy a boy bite me.” My heart broke. Why was my little girl being bit at school, especially 2 days in a row. I checked her communication book. It was empty. The teachers were not aware of the incident.

The fifth day of school ended. I nervously asked Big Sis about her day. This time I was relieved. With a huge smile on her face she said, with pure delight,

“No one bite me today mommy!”

If this isn’t a way to measure the success and impact of our education system – then I don’t know what is!

Happy end of school year everyone!

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