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Threenager Logic

If you have been following the Tales of my Threenager, you will know that Big Sis loves Naptime and Bedtime.
(If you need a refresher visit: Swiper the FoxI hate naps!, or The Bed Swap)

Each day Big Sis and I exchange animated quips pertaining to the merits, necessity, and down-right reality of her pending sleep.

She says ‘NO!’ — I say ‘YES!’
A cyclical exchange occurs.

I offer a never-ending array of reasoning, bribes, incentives, and phone calls to either Swiper or Santa.
She rebuts with defiance, negotiations, tears, and tantrums.

You can imagine my surprise the morning she had a meltdown over the fact that it WAS NOT time for bed. For your perusal and amusement, I present you with Exhibit A: Threenager Logic …


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