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The Blessing

As a way to foster language development, we encourage Big Sis to say ‘Grace’ before meals and ‘Prayers’ before bed. I remember the moment of pride the first time she said:

For what we are about to receive …

Jointly, we would rehearse the following lines. Eventually her confidence and independence grew. If I tried to help her she would stop, look up at me with her big brown eyes, put her hand in the air and say “No. I do this!”

I remember the first time she did this in front of my mother. He thrill of the incorporation of Grace before a meal quickly turned to a questioning expression of ‘Are you seriously going to let her continue and not correct her?’

Big Sis’ Grace went as follows:

For what we are about to receive
May the Lord Bless
Nana, Popa, Mommy, and Daddy, and Lala and Coco and …

Instantly, it reminded me of the scene from Christmas Vacation when Aunt Bethany leads the family in the saying of Grace before Christmas Dinner. The family gathered around to share a moment together. Instead of Grace, Aunt Bethany recites the Pledging of Allegiance to the Flag, the USA and the Republic. (See Aunt Bethany’s Grace here.) The look on Clark Griswold’s is almost identical to the expression my mother had during Big Sis’ Grace; the expression on Aunt Bethany’s face, similar to that on Big Sis’ (filled with pride and satisfaction).

Big Sis’ continues to incorporate aspects of Bedtime Prayers into our mealtime Blessings. Eventually we will work out the kinks; for now we will leave her work untouched. This strategy ensures we will continue to have stories to share and brighten your day. Alas, I will end this post with my favourite Grace: 

Grace by a Threenager

For what we receive
No bugs bite

For what we receive
No bugs bit
(The blending of Grace, Bedtime Prayers, and the nighttime tuck in … Night Night, Sleep Tight, Don’t let the bed bugs bite.)

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