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Calling My Bluff … The Half Nap

So similar ... but yet so different.

So similar … but yet so different.


At first the two images may look very similar. There is a key difference … The upper-image results after a lengthy battle of wills, screaming, kicking, and repeatedly returning Big Sis to her room for a nap. The lower-image results after a short, well-mannered negotiation, and verification of positions in which Mom and Big Sis agree that Big Sis only needs to have a “Half Nap”.

For those unfamiliar with a “Half Nap”, it is the latest in our nap time negotiation techniques. Now that she is a self-appointed “Big Girl”, she no longer requires naps like Lil’ Sis. Instead, she only needs a “Half Nap”, where she will nap for half the time.

Note: there is a parental loop-hole in the “Half Nap”. The length of time for the “Full Nap” and the “Half Nap” is never discussed. Thus the length of the “Half Nap” is never specified. Remarkable, the length of a “Half Nap” is surprisingly similar to that of the “Full Nap” (with an added bonus that Mom does not feel exhausted and feel the need to nap herself after getting Big Sis down for 90 minutes of peaceful bliss!)

Another point for the ‘Rents! (take that Minions!)


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