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Calling My Bluff … The Bed Swap

Big Sis is a bed hog. I know I could force her to sleep in her own bed. Unfortunately I am a sucker for her dimple.


One night I tried to outsmart her. (I should have known better. She is too smart for me.)

At bedtime I went to her room. I got in to her second bed (the bed we call her cousin’s), and I waited.
I could hear her in the halls, “Mommy?… Mommy? …Mommy? … Where are you?” Eventually she wandered down to her room.

Night Night Sleep No bugs bite!

Night Night
No bugs bite!

“Mommy?” she said in a curious and confused voice.
“Yes” I replied.
“Mommy? Why are you here?” that is LaLa’s bed.
“I’m going to sleep here tonight.”
“No” “You need to hug me”
“Well I am going to sleep here. and Daddy is going to sleep in your bed”
“No. You need to hug me. Daddy needs to hug me.” (An interesting request, as the little bed hog does not get hugs at night. She sleeps on an angle, legs and arms spread like a starfish. Good luck even trying to get close.)

The conversation continued for 10 minutes. Finally, still standing in the door frame, her little silhouette shrugs, closes the door and walks away. Right before the door clicked shut I hear “Okay. Night Night. Sleep. No bugs bit.”

Another point on The Bluff Board for Big Sis!


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