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Never Trust a Toddler

"I do it All BY MYSELF!"

“I do it All BY MYSELF!”

Something wasn’t right. As she walked towards me, tying to entice me with a free makeover, my gut told me to walk away. Clutched in her hand, a hairbrush dripping with water. With a twinkle in her eye she said “I do it ALL BY MYSELF! … I brush your hair!”

It is hard to say no to such an ambitious young child. Luckily, only moments earlier, I had witnessed a questionable act which only reinforced my desire to politely decline her services. (Only further spurring both her laughter and her determination.)

Hair brushing is a hot topic in our house right now. She doesn’t want me to brush her hair. Even the smallest tangled is met by blood curdling screams. All hair elastics and barrettes are pulled out before we get out the door. The worst part is meal time. Somehow, her food ends up in her hair, making any attempts to fix her hair worse.

We have used every product on the market to decrease the tangles and the pain associated with hair brushing. (Although, I am convinced some of the screaming is for show, as it often starts before the hairbrush makes contact with her hair.) Often, when we are in a rush, I will resort to a wet hairbrush. It seems to do the trick in a pinch. Somehow, I know the Toddler Hair Treatment Special offered on this day was created using this basis.

While I would normally indulge Big Sis, and accept a free makeover with open arms, I knew better. Nothing is free!

I’ll leave it to your imagination. Just know, Big Sis’ only has access to one water source.


The Makeover

At 38″, Big Sis only has access to one water source. Ewwwww!



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