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And a new year begins

Christmas was a lot of fun this year. Big Sis asked Santa for 4 items: a doctor’s kit, a baby, a book, and a box.  Santa delivered 3 of the 4 items.   Santa wrapped the gifts this year; he usually doesn’t. This provided the first entertainment for Christmas morning. Big Sis spent more time squealing with excitement over the orange and Frozen themed chocolate egg in her stocking and showed no interest in her other presents.

After she finished her stocking, instead of tearing into her gifts she tackled ‘Lil Sis’ stocking. She was excited, until she discovered two items in her sister’s stocking. The first, 4 more characters for the Little People Disney Princess Castle (Aurora and the 3 Fairies!). The second, Elsa and Anna fork and spoon. Charlotte had a look of shock/disappointment/jealousy. The first of many moments to come when Big Sis wants to keep her little sister’s toys.

The Doctor’s Kit was a huge hit! Dr. Big Sis is very talented. If anyone needs a checkup let me know. I will see if she can squeeze you in. She will check your temperature, listen to your heart, take your blood pressure, give you medicine, AND count your teeth in the same visit. She is very efficient.

Maybe next year

Maybe next year

At the end of the night, while tucking her in to bed, we discussed the days events. She told me about her baby, her book, and her doctor’s kit. Then, in the sweetest little voice, she said, “but, no box. Santa did not bring me a box.” While I know she had a great Christmas, who would have thought that she was really wanted a box for Christmas. Maybe the Easter Bunny will be able to help us this year.

Party like it's 2015! Who needs a tilt-a-whirl, when you can self-propel yourself.

Party like it’s 2015! Who needs a tilt-a-whirl, when you can self-propel yourself.

Days later, after fighting off every illness possible, we rang in the New Year with friends. Against my better judgement, we allowed Big Sis to have a cupcake close to bedtime. Big, hilarious, worthwhile mistake. She spent upwards of 20 minutes, running, singing, and giggling, while she ran in circles. Her head was down the entire time. She would run until she collapsed, get-up, and run again. Oh to be 3!



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