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An Answer for Everything

Big Sis loves her Nana. On many levels I suspect she ranks higher than her parents, her sister, and even Santa on her favourites list.

I love my Nana!

I love my Nana!

Big Sis has a sixth sense. She instantly knows when Nana is on the phone, and will run from the opposite side of the house to talk to her. When she get the phone she only has one question (well more of a request):

Big Sis: “Nana. You come over? Now?”

Last weekend I called my mom around dinner time. Big Sis quickly grabbed the phone, demanding Nana come over immediately. Nana nicely explained that she couldn’t come over right now. It was dark outside, and Nana doesn’t like to drive at night, especially during a stormy winter’s night. She told her she would come over another time.

Big Sis was disappointed. Her brow furrowed. Then, her facial expression changed from disappointment to excitement. Her response to Nana ..

Just walk Nana

Just walk Nana

Big Sis: “That’s OK Nana. … You can walk!”

A future problem solver. Not a bad solution for a 3-year old. (Too bad Nana lives over an hour away.)

(Nana, I apologize for the picture. I recognize that in real life your hair is not grey and blue. Love you!)

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