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The Sniff Test

We’ve all done it!

Scenario 1: You go away for the weekend –  You reach in your bag, search every pocket and corner, empty the bag, fill the bag, empty the bag again – you forgot to pack your extra socks, undershirt, pants, whatever the item is. You need it, and you only have what you are wearing, you have no choice but to wear your current clothing.

Scenario 2: Perhaps you are at home. You pick up a piece of clothing off the floor. Maybe you can’t remember if it is clean or it is dirty. Maybe you are questioning if you can get one more wear out of it before it goes in the wash.

Scenario 3: As a lifeguard it was towels. Who hasn’t forgotten to change the towel in their bag, until you are at work the next day, shivering, as you finish teaching swimming lessons. You reach into your bag to find a towel that has been there too long. (At least in this scenario you have a towel. The only worse position is when you have to decide whether to towel dry …. or take something out of the lost and found …)

What do you do in each of these scenarios? You give it THE SNIFF TEST!

It isn’t something we like to brag about, nor try to broadcast. In our home we operate with caution, and when in doubt, put it in the wash.

Now, you can probably see where this is going, so I’ll get right too it.

The Sniff Test

The Sniff Test

Earlier this week, we were getting ready for the day. (I cannot believe I kept my composure). We have been teaching Big Sis about clean versus dirty – focusing on her underwear and the need to change pairs each day (and sometimes just about wearing underwear in general, as we have discovered come bath time she has opted to go commando  all day).

I asked her if she had clean underwear. She took the pair she was holding in her hands, lifted it to her nose, and made two long audible sniffs.

Then, with her furrowed brow, looked at me, while nodding her head, and said “Yup! They’re clean!”

I don’t know where she learned this –  although she does burst out laughing when you mention dirty socks – perhaps there is a connection. It isn’t a part of our morning routine, and I hope it doesn’t become a regular aspect of Big Sis’!



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