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You’re ruining everything!

Best friends - post show.

Best friends – post show.

A year ago my youngest brother married the love of his life.  While they both looked incredible, the flower girls stole the show (err actually leaf girls, buy you get the picture).  Too cute for words!

My niece is 3 years older than my daughter. She took the role very seriously. She  practiced for days leading up to the event.

Step … Reach in to basket … grab leaf … gracefully rotate arm … drop leaf … repeat

In preparation for the event her father tried to dispel the common ‘no man left behind’ mantra, stating that if her little cousin (my daughter) did not cooperate, she should just keep going. This would not be the day to be the hero. If a flower girl is down … just keep going.

The day of the wedding was beautiful and sunny.  It was an outdoor wedding at the Pyramid Hill Winery in Kelowna.  We were all a little nervous on how Big Sis would perform. Both girls were beyond excited to be wearing their flower girl dresses; with matching headbands and gold shoes.  Once the music started I knew there would be nothing I could do. I would have to hope Big Sis followed her older cousin and all would go as planned.

The music started … they were given their cue.  The two little girls walked together hand in hand behind the guests until they reached the aisle (or at least I thought this is what happened). At that point my daughter screamed with delight “Mama!” and ran up to the front (where I was holding gummies to motivate her walking all the way to the front).

Afterwards my brothers friends “tattled on my niece”.

Apparently, half-way through the walk, before they turned the corner, my niece stopped, turned to my daughter and said “You are ruining everything!”  Big Sis wasn’t performing up to my nieces standards.  Instead of gracefully tossing one leaf at a time, with a full arm extension, my daughter was stopping to admire the scenery, and tossing her leaves in bulk.  Afterwards I watched the footage for a play by play account of the events.  Sadly we don’t have the audio, but you can see the moment in the video when “the talk” occurred.

Happy Anniversary Uncle Greg and Aunt Min!

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  1. Melanie November 8 2014 @ 9:23 pm

    I remember the scene. Thanks for bringing up this funny memory.

  2. Children are funny November 25 2014 @ 3:02 pm

    LOL. It was good!

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