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Just Happened Part 2

Flash Stickering is a growing trend in our household. You turn your back and BAM! Sneak Attack! You are stickered.

As a follow-up to last week’s post Just Happened, I bring you Just Happened Part 2.

Similar to the last post, I had left the room, this time to put something away. I thought Little Sis was safe. I had left her in her playpen. On my return I found this:

It's OK mom. I like Big Sis' work. I am a Dora fan too you know!

It’s OK mom. I like Big Sis’ work. I am a Dora fan too you know!

Note how the symmetrical placement of the Dora stickers on her cheeks, combined with the triangulation of the Dora sticker on her chest, really enhance her already adorable features. Clearly, she is much happier about this weeks stickering incident.

As I approached the playpen, I asked Big Sis if she had put the stickers on the baby. In the cutest, high-pitched voice, she said “Yes!”, giggled, and then ran away. Such a loving big sister, who just wants to share! (or should I say share??)

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