Toddlers Without Tiaras

… tales of my threenager


When encountering new creatures it is important to instill confidence and curiosity in young Threenager minds.

Tonight we found a frog (maybe a toad … it was something that jumped).  I grabbed Big Sis to see. I tried to get her to pick it up. She said ‘No!’ And ran away. I managed to place the frog on a woodchip. She reluctantly held the chip. It wasn’t long but I was able to get a picture.

As I carried the frog into the light for a closer look I was somewhat proud of myself.  You see, as a child, I was subjected to years of torture. Living with 4 brothers who, under the guidance of brother #1, had a knack for catching anything that moves, and bringing it in the house.

Some creatures,  like the baby bunnies, and chipmunks were cute. Some creatures were interesting, like the turtle that filled our Mr. Turtle pool, the crow, or the baby mice and toads. Others, I could have done without – such as the snakes (that they stuck under my bedroom door, or the bugs).

Tonight though, I was thankful for my brothers. When I saw the frog I used it as a learning opportunity for Big Sis. Unfortunately I should have followed a lesson plan. I suspect all my effort was lost the moment I screamed like a banshee when the frog hopped off the wood chip I was carrying. #NatureVersusNutureFail #SoCloseButNowBigSisIsScarredForLife #PestRemovalIsNotAViableCareerPathForMe

Princess and the frog

Princess and the frog

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