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Story Time

As you know, bedtimes are a challenge in our household. Big Sis thinks it is hilarious to get out of bed and creep down the stairs. Usually, after 90 minutes of this, a phone call is placed to our good friend Swiper the Fox, who reinforces why Big Sis needs to go to bed. As of late, Swiper has started to lose his effectiveness. A can see a little twinkle in her eyes when we call him. I am positive she knows he isn’t real. Her reaction is similar to that of a child who is questioning the existence of Santa, the Toothfairy, or the Easter Bunny. She isn’t sure if she believes, but she doesn’t want to admit it for fear she is wrong. (A note to all the children out there – with the exception of Swiper – they are all real! )

With summer coming to an end, I thought it was time to reinstate a more regular bedtime routine.

  • Early dinner
  • Bath
  • Teeth
  • Stories
  • Lights Out

By 7:30 p.m. I had checked off the first 3 items. I told Big Sis she could pick out 3 stories. This particular evening she selected Someday by Alison McGhee, That’s Not My Monster, by Fiona Watt, and Walt Disney’s Peter Pan.  I saved Peter Pan for last, believing this was the best book of three.

During the first 2 stories Big Sis was very excited and involved. As I read Peter Pan, I noticed an opposite reaction. She became very quiet and focused. At first I thought she was captivated; at least I did until the end of the story. As I went to tuck her in to bed, I noticed her eyes kept darting towards her window. The poor little 3-year old was concerned, and possibly afraid, that Peter Pan and Captain Hook were going to come through her window. I did what I could to reassure her they were not real … well … I did at first …

After I had tucked her in to bed, the games started again. She needed water. She needed to go to the bathroom. She wanted to see her sister.

With each excuse, the grin on her face grew larger and larger.

Finally, 2 hours later, I did it. I asked if I needed to call Swiper. She said ‘Yes’ (what a little turkey!) Then, almost simultaneously, we asked Big Sis if Swiper needed to come and read Peter Pan. She said ‘No!’ and put herself back to bed. I will admit it was a low blow, but we were desperate.

It's story time.

It’s story time.

For those who are concerned, don’t worry. Big Sis is not completely turned off of books and reading. I took this picture the next day. She set up a reading circle for her toys. While Peter Pan was not in the line-up, many other great stories, including one with Swiper the Fox were.

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