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Just Happened

Introducing a new segment … Just Happened!

The girls were playing together in the Family Room. Little Sis in her swing. Big Sis sitting beside her, talking to her. I stepped out of the room to grab a blanket for Little Sis. When I returned I found this …

Scenario 8 ... Scenario 8 ... what did mom say I should do again?

Scenario 8 … Scenario 8 … what did mom say I should do again?

Three 3M self adhesive hook tags stuck to her forehead. Both sides removed.Thankfully Little Sis was buckled in, or she may have been hung on the wall on my return. It’s hard to say whether she intended to affix her sister to the wall though. There is something about this picture that makes me think she was considering hooking her sister up to a lie detector, or electroshock machine. Your photo captions are welcome in the comment section below.

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  1. Children are funny August 20 2014 @ 7:02 pm

    Um. I think there is a weight restriction on these sticky tabs Big Sis.

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