Toddlers Without Tiaras

… tales of my threenager

Story Time

As you know, bedtimes are a challenge in our household. Big Sis thinks it is hilarious to get out of bed and creep down the stairs. Usually, after 90 minutes of this, a phone call is placed to our good friend Swiper the Fox, who reinforces why Big Sis needs to go to bed. As […]

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Calling My Bluff … Bedtime versus Potty-Time

As you know, Big Sis is now potty-trained! We are out of diapers, and in to big girl underwear! For those who cannot wait for this stage, just you wait! It is fantastic! Less money spent on diapers and less time spent on laundry! What else could you ask for? However, before you get your […]

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Just Happened

Introducing a new segment … Just Happened! The girls were playing together in the Family Room. Little Sis in her swing. Big Sis sitting beside her, talking to her. I stepped out of the room to grab a blanket for Little Sis. When I returned I found this … Three 3M self adhesive hook tags […]

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Riding in cars with Toddlers

There is nothing I love more than packing up the car for a 10 hour car ride with a toddler and an infant.  I love having bags at my feet, restricting my leg room.  I love finding fishy crackers for the next 3 months in various nooks and crannies of the vehicle.  And, I love […]

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8 Signs your Newborn Needs to Learn Self Defence Skills

To all the newborn babies out there – be forewarned – you cannot trust your older siblings.  Speaking from experience (being the eldest of 5), one minute your older sibling will be hugging you and giving you soft kisses (under the watchful eye of loving parents).  The next minute you will need to run for […]

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How to hide like a Threenager!

In recent months Big Sis has mastered the art of playing hide and seek (H’nS) … Well, mastered the art from the perspective of a toddler. When it is her turn to seek, she carefully covers her eyes, while peeking through her fingers.  She carefully counts: one, two, five, eight, nine, five, six!  When she […]

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