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No! Get out!

As a follow-up to The Extremely Unpopular 12 Month Potty Training Method my daughter has recently started asking for privacy in the bathroom. This is amusing given my daughter and niece provided anything but this when I am in the bathroom. Worse, they giggle hysterically, when I ask them to leave.

Look mom! I found a new toy!

Look mom! I found a new toy!

In recent weeks, when my daughter started going #2 on the potty, she started shutting the door. I’m not sure where you stand on this issue, but for me, this is a recipe for disaster. The thought of leaving an unattended toddler in a room with access to running water, a step stool, a toilet, soft soap, hand lotion, and unlimited toilet paper petrifies me. Add to the combination, a tush that needs wiping – well, I’ll leave the potential hazards of this situation to your imagination.

While I support my daughter’s new-found independence, I’m still not ready to let her go solo just yet. You can appreciate my amusement the other day when she announced she had to “Go Poo!” I followed her to the bathroom.  She stopped in her tracks, turned to me, and said “No! Get out!” and shut the door.

Fri, July 25 2014 » Potty Training

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