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… tales of my threenager

You want me to what?

Last week we had an unexpected trip to the Doctor’s Office.  Big Sis told us it hurt to go to the bathroom and would cry when she tried.  Panic set in.  What is she has a UTI?  (I also questioned why her visits to the Doctor always seem to coincide with my plans to visit […]

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Wed, July 30 2014 » Doctor Visits, Potty Training » No Comments

No! Get out!

As a follow-up to The Extremely Unpopular 12 Month Potty Training Method my daughter has recently started asking for privacy in the bathroom. This is amusing given my daughter and niece provided anything but this when I am in the bathroom. Worse, they giggle hysterically, when I ask them to leave. In recent weeks, when my […]

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The Extremely Unpopular 12 Month Potty Training Method

Someone once told me – toddlers can control 2 things.  What goes in their bodies, and what comes out of their bodies. The following outlines the extremely unpopular 12 month potty training method.  Why do it in 3 days when you have 365! Month 1. Step 1.  Google 3 day method (as found on Pinterest). […]

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Sun, July 20 2014 » Potty Training » 4 Comments

I hate naps!

Does anyone else have a Threenager who hates naps? Naps.  That moment in time where there is a few moments of peace and quiet.  My Threenager still naps, still needs naps, and still fights me every time I suggest it is time to have one.  Some of her little friends have given up the naps. […]

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Tue, July 15 2014 » Uncategorized » 2 Comments

Calling My Bluff … Introduction of Swiper the Fox

Big Sis has never liked cleaning up her toys.  When she was 1 she used to hide at daycare when they would sing the ‘Clean-up Song’.  One evening this winter her Dad came home and asked her to clean-up her toys.  The early signs of the Threenager were showing.  She refused to clean-up her toys […]

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Thu, July 10 2014 » Uncategorized » 3 Comments

… and then the Social Worker Pulled Up

Picture this. It is a gorgeous, sunny, Tuesday evening, right around dinner time. My partner in crime is in Ottawa for business. As such, the responsibility to take out the garbage falls to me. My youngest is in the swing. My oldest is playing with her dolls. I tell my 3-year old to keep the […]

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