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Channeling her inner artist

Channeling her inner artist

The following details the incident which inspired me to create the blog “Toddlers Without Tiaras.”  I sat beside my little princess, questioning, ‘Will I ever be able to take her out in public again??’  What I witnessed is not unlike that experienced by many of my friends.  Children are funny and these moments are worth sharing.  Enjoy!

When my daughter turned 2 I prepared for the worst. Here comes the terrible 2′s! My cousin wrote me a short note and forewarned me, it is not the terrible 2′s, it is the terrible 3′s, followed by the f****** 4′s. Enjoy the 2′s. Prepare for the 3′s.

He was right. The 2′s weren’t bad. My daughter would cuddle, giggle, and listen. Then she turned 3. Initially, it wasn’t too bad. She was becoming more independent and able to communicate what she wanted. This made it much easier to keep her happy as we didn’t have to play the guessing game trying to figure out what she wanted.

The changes in her behaviour evolved slowly. At first it was cute and playful. I would tell her it was time to go to bed. She would say “No!”. I would look at her and say “Yes!” She would giggle, grab my hand, and I would tuck her in her bed.

Then one night, my angelic little princess became a demonic toddler. Increasingly we had been having problems getting her to eat her dinner. This night I made a dinner of her favourite foods – bbq pork, carrots, and rice. We weren’t going to try any new foods. I had anticipated an easy dinner. That was my first mistake.

We started dinner at the table. She kept pushing her plate away, and getting out of her chair. ‘Ah ha’ I thought. I will buckle her in to her seat. This was mistake #2. She used this opportunity to push herself away from the table.

‘No problem’ I thought. I will add her tray to the high chair and situate her in the middle of the room where she can’t push herself away from the table. This will eliminate the distraction and she will eat. She will understand that tonight we are serious. That was mistake #3.

I could see it in her eyes. For the first time, she was going to purposely start throwing her food on the floor, tastefully decorating every nook of the kitchen. I could have stopped it sooner, but I wanted to see how far she would take it. I did what every good parent would do. I grabbed my phone and recorded a video – ensuring I captured every moment.

The first throw was small. She was testing the waters. She was very proud of herself, so she did it again.
With every fistful she would glance at me, out of the corner of her eye, while maintaining an evil smirk on her face. Midway through her tantrum, she tapped into her inner artist and decided to now express herself by adding her cutlery and plate to the floor.

My favourite moment came at the end. She had cleared everything off of her tray, except one last cluster of rice. She picked it up, opened her mouth, put it in … and then turned to me and said “done”.

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  1. Suzanne Brubaker June 16 2014 @ 12:57 am

    Yes… I remember those days. My daughter, Tracey started out life that way. I actually had to take her to a therapist after she ripped the family doctor’s examination table apart when she was 3. We spent one day in therapy… Tracey, her Dad and me. The rest of the year, her Dad and I spent in therapy… learning how to deal with a child who probably had a learning disability and some behavior issues related to that. Tracey and I spent her school years working together to make learning happen. In the mean time, she also learned how to socialize and react in certain situations. Now, my Tracey is Vet Technician, married to a Veterinarian and who comes across as quite sophisticated. She graduated from the University of Texas within 4 years. I am extremely proud of her. But, I also had her 1st grade teacher tell me not to give up on her… she told me of a young child that had graduated from high school who had literally started out like my Tracey. So, I decided to “never give up on her” and to pray for her every day of her life. She is an amazing 37 year old woman, who remembers every detail about her childhood… the good (home) , the bad (criticism from some people) and the rewarding (her teachers who believed in her). Be an “in your face” HELPER at school… get to know the teachers… be friends with the teachers and principal… Do whatever it takes. Don’t give up, Heather. Your little girl is a blessing in your life… You will find out what the blessing is in due time… but, trust me, I HAVE BEEN IN YOUR SHOES!!! Suzanne

  2. Children are funny June 15 2014 @ 9:46 pm

    Thanks Suzanne! Sometimes those shoes seem a little tight. I know, in time, the shoes will stretch, and become a better fit. Her lack of speech definitely contributes to frustrations on both ends. Thank you for the words of encouragement!(… and thank you for also for being my first comment!!)

  3. Michelle June 15 2014 @ 9:58 pm

    Heather, I know how challenging little people are. Mine were not at all unlike Charlotte. After all there are similar genes at play here. But the best thing you can do for sanity is video it all… And pray she does her “special dance” as her father did while holding her hair out from her head. Them you can use it at ransom when she is a teenager 🙂

  4. Children are funny June 15 2014 @ 10:15 pm

    She is definitely on track to follow in her father’s footsteps! LOL! I’ll have to post about her sidewalk shopping next.

  5. Beth June 25 2014 @ 8:34 pm

    I think I’ll be making sure to read your posts as part of my parental therapy plan…right up there with “reasons my son is crying” for making me laugh after a rough night of wrangling (especially the fist full of rice at the end of this posting…that was just awesome)

  6. Children are funny June 25 2014 @ 10:19 pm

    I’m glad I can help Beth! Know we are in this together. I will be keeping the pictures and the video of this incident to pull out at a future occasion.

    I’m not sure whether Charlotte’s future is in comedy or interrogation. Only time will tell!

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