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Anything you can do I can do better

Getting right to the point, my daughter likes to breastfeed.  This is not what you are expecting —  I’m not talking about the baby. I’m talking about the Threenager. She cracks me up.

Mom said smile.   Let me help you.

Mom said smile.
Let me help you.

Big Sis loves her little sister.  She likes to talk to her and to hold her.  Sometimes she loves her Little Sis too much.
I am frequently saying things like:

“Be gentle.”
“You can touch her hands, but not her face.”
“That is so nice, are you trying to make your sister smile (even though it looks like you are pinching her face)?” (See picture)
And my personal favourite — “I’ve told you before, stop hugging your sister around the neck!”

As expected, Big Sis has shown great interest in all baby activities.  She likes to help change diapers, pick out clothes, and of course wants to help feed the baby.   As she has watched me breastfeed and burp Little Sis, she has herself mimicked my actions with her baby dolls – with the minor exception that she usually latches the baby to her belly button.

But oh … it gets better … In recent weeks Big Sis has become much more clingy – especially when I am holding Little Sis.  She tries to sit on my lap, wants me to hug her, and often becomes a little aggressive while I am feeding her sister.  Just yesterday she told me she wanted to help me and then proceeded to ram her little sister’s head into my chest, followed by a quick change of heart when she told me she wanted to see and then, hand on babies forehead, pushed the baby off – breaking the latch.

Two weeks ago, Big Sis was really sweet and cuddly.  I thought to myself ‘Oh, so cute.’  She was resting her head on my shoulder and watching her baby sister while she ate.   It was a little awkward, as Big Sis was in an uncomfortable position.  However, at the same time, it seemed like a moment I didn’t want to end.  Me, my girls, quiet house, (and even better, quiet dogs).

Then, for whatever reason, she started making a ‘click, click, click’ noise.  I didn’t think anything of it, until she sat up and insisted that I burp her.  Tears! I had tears I was laughing so hard!  She had been pretend breastfeeding, while her sister was latched on the same breast.  It has since become a daily occurrence.  Let the sibling rivalry begin!

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