Toddlers Without Tiaras

… tales of my threenager

Anything you can do I can do better

Getting right to the point, my daughter likes to breastfeed.  This is not what you are expecting —  I’m not talking about the baby. I’m talking about the Threenager. She cracks me up. Big Sis loves her little sister.  She likes to talk to her and to hold her.  Sometimes she loves her Little Sis too […]

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Calling My Bluff … Potty Training Edition

Leading up to my daughter’s 3rd birthday we were in the home stretch of potty training.  We had two weeks of big girl underwear, dry bedtimes and naps, and dry outings.  We just needed to perfect the number 2’s, but the end was in sight. Then, on her 3rd birthday, that she had 8 accidents […]

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Can I Get a Side of Rice? … Tastefully Decorated Part 2

After my daughter completed her first interior decorating project on my kitchen floor, it was time to discuss the clean up. She told me she was going to pick up all the food she threw on the floor. While I thought this was unlikely, I gave her the benefit of the doubt. To my surprise, […]

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The following details the incident which inspired me to create the blog “Toddlers Without Tiaras.”  I sat beside my little princess, questioning, ‘Will I ever be able to take her out in public again??’  What I witnessed is not unlike that experienced by many of my friends.  Children are funny and these moments are worth […]

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